Low-Prep Bed Bug Removal

Do not throw anything away and do not prepare prior to treatment.

Low-Prep Bed Bug Removal VS. Old School Bed Bug Removal

We want to see the problem first hand – do not do any preparation before we arrive.

Low-Prep Bed Bug Removal

  • Pick up any laundry, clothing, sheets, towels from the floor.
  • Strip the beds of all blankets and sheets and place in plastic bags for laundry.

That's It!

Old School Bed Bug Removal

First Treatment

Our goal is to offer the most effective treatment possible while protecting you, your pets, and your property.

Our technician will provide an on-site inspection and may bag additional laundry for you. Active pest harborages will be treated immediately with either hot steam or freezing with liquid CO2. Sensitive items such as cribs, toys, and electronics can be treated with chemical free solutions. Eggs in harborages are destroyed on day one by the steam or CO2 treatments. All beds, box springs, and bed frames are detailed so you can sleep in them later that day. These will be left standing against a wall to allow for drying if needed, as well as sofas and chairs. A focus is placed on all potential hiding places where bed bugs are or may be found. Areas where bed bugs travel from room to room are treated as well. Wall void treatments are applied to restrict bed bugs from moving in the walls.

Second Treatment

Should the problem persist, follow-up visits are included at no additional charge during your warranty.

The second treatment targets any surviving eggs or juveniles and extends the residual life of the products applied. Alternate products may be used to ensure resistant bed bugs cannot survive. Special bed bug monitors and/or pitfall traps may be installed where possible to ensure your treatment took full effect. Monitors will also help determine if activity is being caused by outside influences. We will work with you when needed to extend the treatment beyond your home.

Our Guarantee

Your location will be bed bug free for 90 days guaranteed or we will find out why, fix it, and redo the treatment.

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